Monday, November 7, 2011

Zumba, it's time for us to part

I want to like Zumba, I really really do. I've tried it several times but I don't know, it just feel like there's something missing.

At my gym there are several Zumba classes. one on Tuesday at 5:30pm, Thursday at 6:35 and Friday morning at 9:30am. I can only make the 5:30 class when I don't have a class. (I'm a corporate trainer and stuff) The 5:30 one I like, it's high impact and there are a lot of people there who want to work up a sweat. But I can't always go to that one. FAIL.

Thursday nights I've been to twice. I barely work up a sweat in that one because the instructor is soooo slow. She takes far too much time in between songs and spend the rest of the time rubbing her choochies and looking at herself in the mirror. (I think it's some sort of Latin dance) There are also 3 tiny old ladies who stand in my favorite spot and don't share. FAIL x2

Last Friday I was working a later schedule to bring knowledge to the nighttime peeps and decided to check out the 930am Zumba class. It looked a lot like this.

Except older.

More like this.

Can you say that you "raised the roof" with a bunch of octogenarians? I can, and that's something that I can keep with me forever.

So with this, I officially give up on Zumba. I really, really want you to be awesome but I just need more from you. It's not you, it's me. Really, it's me.


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