Sunday, November 27, 2011

I do love an audience

My posts have been a little sparse as I prepared for my next class at work. By day I'm a corporate trainer and I impart my knowledge onto the eager masses. By night... Well, that's another post...

The majority of the time I spend training new hires for the sales department. The week before the class starts is super busy and I'm running around like crazy making sure I have everything I need and that I'm caught up on any and all recent process changes. This class was a little different and I had to prep for an entirely new to me curriculum.. In a very short period of time.

Being a trainer is completely different from what I expected. You have to win the class over AND take control of them in the first few minutes. If not, you lose control which is very bad as the weeks drag on and they don't respect you. Never a good combo.

I got a new group las Monday and they're I nothing like any of my previous groups. Which is I guess the case with every new group.

Any who, why do I do it? It's tough, people can be a pain and you have to constantly fight to keep control But you know what? I love an audience. I love standing in front of the group, winning them over and making them love me. I can be witty, make them laugh and make them awesome. I love seeing them being hugely successful and knowing I had a part of that. I'm waxing poetic here, probably because I'm tired and haven't seen a vegetable in 4 days and they gym in even longer. Love getting to see friends for the holidays but the lack of regular exercise is making me sappy. I need to go punch something..

Alright, regular blogging and the recap of a whirlwind northern trip to come soon!


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